Love Yourself Ladies Loose Fit T-shirt


This T-shirt was created to remind you how beautiful and unique you are.

When the flower blooms, it doesn’t think about whether it looks nice. It doesn’t look at other flowers. It just shines its perfect beauty.

No matter where are you at your life journey at this moment, no matter what you go through, what emotions you feel and what you look like, YOU just ARE, existing here and now.

That’s enough- because deep inside you are a flower, one of a kind, that illuminates everything around you.

The key is to see that you don't have to be like others. You don't have to meet anyone's expectations. Your greatest POWER is to be yourself in one hundred percent. You deserve your love because there is no other person like YOU.


Our first project is unique. We have worked on it for a long time and we put a lot of our energy into it. We are extremely happy that we finally gave birth to this "child". This is a real power T-shirt. Wear it with pride because it says something very important.


100% organic cotton, FairTrade certified. The weight is 155 g/m2


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