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We are a small family business launched by a deep heart desire of life in harmony. We have created this project by listening within ourselves and exploring very deeply our nature,our predispositions and finally, what our real mission is. For a long time we were trying to find what exactly this creation is to be. What have we discovered was a space-pure, fulfilled with love and acceptance, where we can share with you all what is sounding from the bottom of our hearts. Our principal thought is that self love is the most beautiful life experience one can ever have. It is a true acceptance of each and every one manifestation of our being. The lesson of self love leads us to feel that we are always in a right place and everything that is happening around us is to support us, every single moment of our lives. The said idea stands behind our T-shirts. They are not just empty slogans but timeless truths that remind us everyday to live within kindness to ourselves and the world. What we love to say is power messages which will help you find support in every moment of your life. We have made sure our products minimise the global environmental pollution and do not contribute to any form of human suffering. That is why we chose organic, FairTrade certified cotton. What is more, our products are packed in natural, recycled materials.


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