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We have a FairTrade certificate, which is the most important indicator that means the clothes you wear have not caused other people's suffering. #fairtradefashion

We only use organic cotton. Thanks to that, fewer toxins and pesticides end up in the environment, and fewer people are poisoned when working in cotton fields. #organiccotton

We cooperate with Avani, which provides us with bags for packaging. They are made of cassava plants and other natural ingredients. They are 100% biodegradable and can even be eaten. #iamnotplastic

We use EcoEnclose poly mailers. They are 100% made of waste and can be reused. #ecoenclose

We sustainably print on our T-shirts. The overprints are biodegradable, do not consume water, and most importantly, they are not toxic. Wearing our printed T-shirts your skin breathes better. #kornit

Clothing production and shipment produces carbon dioxide and other pollutants that harm our environment. To reduce this pollution to zero, we will donate part of our proceeds to projects that offset this pollution. #carbonfootprint


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