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The clothing industry is the second largest factor polluting our planet.Each year more than 1,5 millions tons of pesticides and artificial fertilisers are being used to produce the cotton. Big part of that comes back into the environment. What’s more, people working at the farmlands are often being forced to do their job for slave wages. Working in dangerous conditions brings risk to their health and lives. Every year 25 millions of people get poisoned by pesticides at the cotton farmlands.

We don’t want to sell clothing that pollute the planet, people who work to make it and ourselves - the customers. That’s why we chose organic cotton, made only by sourcing yarn that is natural, eco friendly grown with no added chemicals nor pesticides.


We work with one of the most stringent organisations in the world, which is FairTrade. It is a leading ethical brand and its products are being manufactured with respect to ecological and social standards. FairTrade contributes to fair wages for the employees working in their certified companies. It also invests in the local community development, providing education and funds to build schools and new roads. What’s more, FairTrade helps the farmers to convert their farms into more eco-friendly ones at the same time lowering the natural sources consumption.

Also, young children are often being used to work in the clothing industry while they should be at school, exploring or simply playing with age mates. FairTrade cares that no human rights are being violated.


Did you know, that only in Great Britain 224 hundreds of thousands tons of paper is being manufactured weekly? Paper production uses large amounts of water,electricity, oil, it pollutes the air and adds to cutting down trees. To minimise the said process we only use recycled materials for our products postage.

If we use at least a ton of recycled paper instead of cellulose from the trees we could save at least 3 thousands litres of water, 1,5 thousands litres of oil, 3-4 thousands of electricity per kWh, we could lower the air pollution by 95% and save the lives of 17 trees.


Packing paper: We only use recycled paper without added bleach. It is perfect for repeated recycling.
 Made of cellulose and natural gum glue sellotape helps us packing our products and is biodegradable.

 The ribbon is made of 100% recyclable hemp that comes from renewable sources. Biodegradable and recycling friendly.

Postal packaging:
 We post our products in special envelopes made of waste. They can be used for repeated recycling and these envelopes are on of a kind.


The print on our clothing is made by using DGT technology (Direct to Garment) also called digital or ivory direct printing.Thanks to the mentioned technology the prints are solid, beautifully reflect the colours and allow the clothes to breathe much better than if using any other printing method.

Within the last two years the conventional process of clothes colouring has used as much water as the Mediterranean Sea can hold! Thanks to the newest digital printing technology the pollution is 100% lowered. Ivory direct print does not require any pretreatment, steaming nor washing.

Heavy metals, alkyl phenol ethoxylates (APE) and formaldehyde free water paints are the only paints used for our prints which makes them completely non harmful, non toxic and biodegradable.


There are around 1,5 billions of invoices produced yearly only in Poland which gives us the usage of 225 hundreds of thousands trees, 120 hundreds of thousands electric energy per MWh and causes more than 6,6 billions of litres of water contamination.A great alternative for classic paper invoice is an electronic one. Electronic invoice is an electronic document holding the same data and legal value as a classic invoice.

Choosing electronic invoice:

  • you help the environment 
  • you save the time and space
  • you have a free access to your documents


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