About the Acceptance, Loving and Hearing Your Emotions.

Martyna, 17 september 2019
About the Acceptance, Loving and Hearing Your Emotions.

Dear Self Lovers! 

I wrote the post below as an invitation for you the day after the official launching of our online store
However, it turned out we were not ready for the promotion yet and the post had to wait...
In the next couple of days, I have allowed lots of different emotions to go through my body, my mind, and my soul.
I am very thankful for being able to be completely present to listen to them.
To trust that everything is happening as it should, and I do not have to rush anywhere.
And with the last Full Moon energy, I felt that something that we have started on the triple nine-day was completing itself.
All that emotional tornado settled down peacefully and I felt entirely ready to invite you to our world.

How wonderful it is to just be there for myself and with myself in the energy of love and understanding.

Even though the following text is not completely of the moment, it still carries a beautiful message and I want to share it with you. 


Along with yesterday's magical date - 9/09/19, we launched our online store.
Number 9 is symbolic of endings and the shedding that needs to take place for you to step into your full power. 
As for me, I feel this energy very much and I am very grateful that this date guides the opening of a new stage in our lives.
Even though this is intense energy and a lot is happening inside, I give love to all emotions and feelings that are flooding me right now.
I hug every sore part of me.
Trustfully, I accept every state.
No matter how I feel.
No matter what I think about myself.
No matter if I am strong or weak.
I give myself LOVE. 
Although it is not an obvious choice at first.
It is not something that comes to me quickly and easily, but I am still learning.
I take every moment of my life as a chance to LOVE myself even deeper. 

And that is what this project is about.
That is what this company is about, along with this T-shirt we have created.
This is just the beginning of our path.
We have a lot to share.
We have passed many swamps.
We've fallen hundreds of times.
For a long time, we lived in a lack of love for each other.
We could not see the light that we carry within us.
Although we got to know the dark well, we didn't give up.
We were looking tirelessly for meaning in every painful experience until we finally discovered the essence of our existence.
We saw a fire kindled by love. 
This self-love, for every part of ourselves. 

We are still on the journey of self-love learning and we would like you to join us. 
We want to spread this beautiful truth. 
We want you to know that you are not alone.
No matter what you are going through - You are a beautiful flower and you deserve your LOVE. 

Let's create a beautiful, love-filled community together. 

We see you.
We feel you. 
We are in this together


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