Janglidas Maharaj

Dawid, 16 september 2019
Janglidas Maharaj

More than four years ago we have gone for a journey to the magical land of India where we spent several weeks in the Janglidas Maharaj Ashram. Whilst there, we have mainly devoted ourselves to the practice of meditation and learned how important self-love is on the path of spiritual development.

Janglidas was born in Mumbai, in the Indian state of Maharashtra. He was an extraordinary boy and meditating yogi. From the early years of his life, he was fascinated by Indian saints, yogis, and their spiritual teachings. He also tried to meditate and pray on his own. His parents worried that he could run away from them so that in their absence they were locking him in a room.

One day, when he was 9 years old, he felt the Supreme Power of Shiva God "extracting" his spirit from the body through a subtle hole on the top of the head called (brahmarandhra). The boy experienced Viśwatmak Darśan - the vision of the Supreme, Viśwatmak Jangli Maharaj. From then on, the boy took the name Janglidas - "Jangli's servant".

At sixteen, Janglidas went to Bhamburde. A saint named Tekawadekar Maharaj lived there, who became his Master. Janglidas was initiated by him with the help of the Guru mantra - a traditional mantra of spiritual teaching in the Swami Order Masters line and then sent to the city of Yeola.

Janglidas began intensive spiritual practices there, like meditating in a walled-up room without food and water, remaining silent (maunagratha) for eleven months. After this period he went on a pilgrimage around India, giving his teachings and blessings to thousands of people.

Soon after, he has begun the work of rebuilding the temples - the first was the old temple in Divshi (Satara district), followed by others. Then he founded many schools in which the standard education program is expanded to include yoga, meditation classes and applied ethics based on the concept of universal values. He has also opened a clinic to help the sick for free. In his ever-growing ashram is a canteen that dispenses several hundred free meals a day. Mostly to the children attending his school and visiting devotees from around the world.

Janglidas Maharaj is a silent saint who is constantly in Self. His main message is meditation, thanks to which everyone can achieve self-realization and experience the state of divinity.

Meditation is the art of loving Atma. Atma is Universal Consciousness, Divine Soul, Self, Cosmic Energy or simply God. Atma is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient. It does not belong to any particular country, life philosophy or religion. Thanks to meditation, we can focus on anything, we begin to make the right decisions, discover ourselves and our boundless internal energy.

Janglidas Maharaj is our spiritual teacher whom we support. We will donate part of our proceeds to the Polish Atma Association.


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