Peacock - the Symbol of Self-Love.

Dawid, 15 october 2019
Peacock - the Symbol of Self-Love.

Near our house, there is a park where peacocks live. These beautiful birds occur naturally on the Indian Peninsula, where they are considered sacred.

The peacock is considered a royal bird, a messenger of the gods, who with his beauty wants to remind us of everything beautiful in ourselves. Because regardless of how many imperfections we have, each of us is unique and beautiful. We often forget about it daily. Peacock teaches us to see this beauty again. Both in ourselves and every other being. Beauty is in all of us, but it depends on our perception. You just need to believe to see it and allow yourself to shine.

As a spirit animal, the peacock brings us our charisma. He shows how to dissolve the garment of our soul. As a bird associated with an element of the earth, he gives us the ability to anchor our energy in the earth and then let it flourish more and more: "show your beauty, do not hide anymore". The peacock reminds us that we are more than we often think about ourselves. We can find or create paradise here on earth. Just let Divinity have a chance to thrive in you every day.

Let's remember that everybody grows at their own pace. And it should be like that too. Even if each of us appears to be different, looking at it from the perspective of the soul, we are all One. And in each of us lies this beautiful spark that wants to shine, to spread its beautiful feathers and radiate Love. Let's see it and let it bloom.


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