Short Story of our Logo.

Dawid, 17 october 2019
Short Story of our Logo.

I would like to share with you a brief history of our logotype. At the very beginning, and it was 2.5 years ago, we wanted it to be an inscription surrounded by flowers. I went to the garden, picked up various plants and created a flower crown. Well, unfortunately, I didn't know how to transfer it to a computer as a logo. I could only take a picture. Then I worked on different logo versions in a poor graphics program until it finally appeared. It resembled the Polsat's (polish TV station) logo. It all happened in mid-2017. A year later I modernized the sunny version a bit and immediately after that, I created the current logo. At that time it was supposed to be a T-shirt design, but I could not print it. This graphic design is too demanding for today's printing capabilities, so I gave up on releasing it on a T-shirt, but who knows, maybe someday... In the meantime, there was another logotype, also covered with gold, but it was just for a moment. The new-old logo is undeniably powerful and for now, I am not planning to change it.


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