Slavery in the Clothing Industry.

Martyna, 15 october 2019
 Slavery in the Clothing Industry.

Did you know that the clothing industry ranks second, next to personal technology, sugar cane, cocoa, and fishing, in reaping the benefits of modern slave labor?

Recent research shows that slavery still affects 40 million people around the world. 71% of these are women and children. By giving up fast fashion and choosing Fairtrade certified products you help to reduce this number.

Fairtrade is one of the most rigorous organizations in the world that ensures that no human rights are violated. It is a leading ethical brand, and products certified by them are manufactured concerning ecological and social standards.

Many non-governmental organizations are proclaiming their beautiful slogans, talking about freedom, equality or peace, but they do it on clothes created from slave labor.

We understand that at this moment there is not much choice of sustainable clothing yet, but by supporting companies like ours - we can change it.

Ask yourself a question. Do you still want to wear clothes filled with the suffering of others?


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