Why Are We Reducing the T-shirt Price?

Dawid, 25 september 2019
Why Are We Reducing the T-shirt Price?

At the beginning, we set the price at €32, but a few days before we launched, we increased it to €44. 

Why did we do that?

It happened because subconsciously we were not ready to sell yet. Yes, I know how it sounds, but that is the truth. The higher price came to us a few months ago, during the creation process, but then we rejected it. Somehow just before launching our company, it came back to us like a boomerang. At that moment we felt that this is the value of our project. Today we know that the purpose of this price was to reject potential customers so that we would have time to watch ourselves. For the first time in our lives, we have taken such a responsible step - we became entrepreneurs! Therefore, various emotions and processes that we needed to hug appeared. Also, our graphic design required several corrections and was only completed yesterday. It is ready because we are ready.

It is been over two weeks since the store has opened. During this time, we have changed the printing company and the content on our website. We also worked on other important details such as payment methods, regulations, and shipping costs. And finally, we ultimately acknowledged our new life path.

Maybe it would be better to wait until all this is done, but we could be waiting forever. That's why we have started ... not caring about the fact that we were not completely ready yet.

Today's price is the one we truly feel in our hearts. It reflects the quality of this T-shirt, the energy we have put into its creation and the message it carries.

The new price is: €31.95

What do you think about it?

Let us know in the comments.

We hope you would like it. :)


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