We are Earth Lovers!


These are not ordinary t-shirts. Wear them with pride because they preach something truly beautiful to the world.


We act more like a turtle than a rabbit. The products we create stay with us for longer. The concept of "collection" is foreign to us.


We minimize pollution left behind. Our products are created in a sustainable manner, and we use only recycled and biodegradabe packaging for shipping.


Clothes affect our aura. That is why we sell products made only from natural materials. For us, color also matters.


Our products are pleasant to the touch and skin-friendly, even for sensitive ones.


Living in a vegan style is not strange to us. If you want to know, yes, we are a vegan brand.


We can't imagine selling clothes dripping with suffering. If you care about what you have on your plate, it's time to pay attention to what you are wearing.


We have a FairTrade certificate, which is the most important indicator that means the clothes you wear have not caused other people's suffering.


We only use organic cotton. Thanks to that, fewer toxins and pesticides end up in the environment, and fewer people are poisoned when working in cotton fields.


We cooperate with Avani, which provides us with bags for packaging. They are made of cassava plants and other natural ingredients. They are 100% biodegradable and can even be eaten.


We use EcoEnclose poly mailers. They are 100% made of waste and can be reused. 


We sustainably print on our T-shirts. The overprints are biodegradable, do not consume water, and most importantly, they are not toxic. Wearing our printed T-shirts your skin breathes better.


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